Yogurt is good for you right?

My breakfast this morning was a cup of yoplait yogurt that I picked up at the grocery store yesterday. Sale and a coupon made them around 40 cents each. Yogurt is healthy.. calcium, vitamins, good bacteria.. what a healthy way to start your day right?

Well apparently that depends on what you are trying to keep out of your diet. The top of the nutrition facts for my Yoplait Original Strawberry Banana yogurt looked great.. 170 Calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 1 g saturated fat. The bottom of the list, not so much.. 33 grams of carbohydrates and 27 grams of sugar.. holy cow! The cup of yogurt is 6 ounces. Since a pound is 454 grams, that’s approximately 28 grams per ounce, or 6 ounces is 170 grams. 16% of the cup of yogurt is sugar. Not quite as healthy as I expected. Another reason why it pays to read the WHOLE label. I looked at calories and fat in the store, but didn’t notice the sugar till I got home.

Challenge update: Weighed this morning at 304. 2 pounds of weight loss this week, for 11 pounds total and 3.49% since the challenge started (At 315). The weight loss is coming slower now then when I started at 345 and dropped 30 pounds in 2 months, but that weight was from sitting around doing nothing, and I knew once I found a job some of that would melt right off just from getting around moving again. I’m gonna have to push hard to get below 300 pounds, but if I do it will be the lightest I’ve weighed in about 10 years. On Biggest Loser they always talk about these limits like hitting a brick wall, and most of it is mental. But these guys have always been above 300, or above 400.. etc.. for years.. and when they finally break through it changes their whole outlook on life. Trust me, I will be celebrating when I hit under 300. The easy part of just cutting calories and losing 5 pounds a week is over. Now the work begins.

And of course my treadmill decided to die on me yesterday, just when I was gonna start walking. Yesterday it was thundering and raining, but today looks good so maybe I’ll walk outside.


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    I am a recent graduate in Food Science (NC State, 2009) and I work for a major food manufacturing company. I love food, but I can no longer eat anything that crosses my path. About 24 months ago I begin a serious struggle to get my obesity under control and reduce my chances of developing Type II diabetes. Since September of '09 I have lost 50 pounds and I still have a long ways to go. I've started eating better and exercising more, including taking up running.